The Playground Picks 13/02/2020

It’s been a while but we are back with a selection of tracks that have caught our ear over the last month.

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Fresh Select:

Esofact – ‘Yuri’

Fresh Selects:

4:3 Land – ‘Frankenstein Dynamite’

The Delay in the Universal Loop – ‘RGB’

Gekkoh – ‘Divided Image’

Vincenzo Ramaglia feat Laure Le Prunenec – ‘La parole 5’ (μ-Ziq remix)

Fresh Select:

Andrei Laszlo – ‘Mad World’

Fresh Select:

teepee – ‘no reason’

Fresh Selects:

Felicity Groom – ‘Burj Khalifa’

Creamy Lions – ‘Chinese Chen’

Willow Stephens – ‘Lullaby’

Donna Lugassy – ‘Moonrise’

Floating Sue – ‘Turn Back the Clock’

Fresh Select:

Das Mörtal – ‘The Void’

Fresh Selects:

Sulkin’ Raven – ‘Oxygen’

CHO x Marina City – ‘Needle’

Panaviscope – ‘Kiss Yourself to Death’ (DEADLIFE remix)

DJ Ten – ‘Nightfall’

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