The Playground Picks 05/12/19

This Thursday we are pleased to deliver another handful of great tracks to you through our AFRO, BASS, TECHNO and HOUSE playlists. With each addition, we see our playlists taking shape as the perfect accompaniment to any occasion.

Press play, enjoy and get to know our fresh selections below!

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Fresh selection:

Bryony Jarman-Pinto – ‘Saffron Yellow’ (Jesse Fischer Remix)

Bringing together a soft, soulful feel with touches of folk, ‘Saffron Yellow’ is about the battle not to give in on the things that make us anxious but to instead take a moment to discover the excitement of everything again. On his remix, Jesse Fischer highlights the blend of folk, soul and jazz that drew him to the track, keeping subtle hints of old-school Afrobeat mixed in with contemporary Afrobeats sounds and New York grit.

Fresh selections:

Otherwise Fine – ‘It’s Always Been U’

After the successful release of their debut 8 track EP IwantU, Otherwise Fine is back with the first of a series of upcoming spring singles. ‘It’s Always Been U’ combines beautiful pianos, catchy vocal chops, and energetic synths/drums and an emotional vocal for their first non-instrumental release. We think it’s a great opening track to our BASS GRØUND playlist, with its vibrant Future Bass elements leading the listener smoothly into our more Bass-heavy selections.

Accelerated Culture – ‘Antidote’

The Accelerated Culture duo make their label and Eclipse EP debut with their latest production entitled ‘Antidote’. A bona fide Drum & Bass roller with all the supporting attributes of big drums and commanding bass. Deep and technical with a sound palette to match, dark and chilling pads set the tone for this one, further enhanced by a fitting vocal sample that was the foundations behind the ideas for this creation.

Fresh selections:

Melting Order – ‘Groove Devotion’

An emotive piano line welcomes the listener in, followed shortly by soulful vocals, ahead of an infectious break with an old-school disco feel. While Melting Order does not produce a specific genre of music, his unique analogue based sound is equal parts based on design and intuition.

UNEQUAL – ‘Mothman’ ft. Alex Maas (Paper Idol Remix)

Paper Idol’s remix of UNEQUAL‘s dark, brooding ‘Mothman’ is as unsettling as it is infectious. A culmination of musical styles, Paper Idol adds a twist of “French touch” and transforms Alex Maas’ vocals into something otherworldly and melodic.

Fresh selection:

Quentin Imhoff – ‘Roof’

Uplifting and progressive, ‘Roof’ delivers an intoxicating dose of ethereal vocal samples, morphing synths and heavy percussion. Evolving second after second, it is an example of how simple elements make the best results when correctly used.

Fresh selections:

Naoko – ‘Bloom’

‘Bloom’ is wonderfully detailed and spine-chilling showing from Norwegians Charite Viken and Erlend Elvesveen aka Naoko. Coming from songwriter and producer backgrounds, Naoko was born out of a desire to splice haunting, avant-garde electronics with soaring RnB hooks. The results include dark, explosive and highly emotive soundscapes.

Ace Buchannon – ‘Come Alive’ ft. Anna Moore

‘Come Alive’ is a song about taking that difficult but tempting step to get out of a bad situation in your life. The exceptional R&B vocalist Anna Moore really nails it with her retro-inspired, powerful vocals. Refreshingly in the genre, she is the first African-American vocalist. Phenomenal saxophonist Ilya Skibinsky delivers that ’80s sounding dreamy sax. This is a collaboration of three individuals from different parts of the world, who were on the same frequencies and put their hearts into the song. Enjoy 🙂

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