The Mercury Sound dazzle with dreamy single ‘This Town Ain’t Big Enough (For The Both Of Us)’


Norwegian indie band The Mercury Sound return with a phantasmal single in,’This Town Ain’t Big Enough (For The Both Of Us)’, released on the 22nd september off of their new album LUNAR RADIO. Based in Oslo, they are fronted by main songwriter Marius Børresen, and have appeared at Oslo venues like Uhørt, KRØSSET and Løvetannfestivalen 2023. 


Featuring big drums, hazy synthesizers, and anthemic choruses alongside reverb-soaked guitars, the band rides a kaleidoscopic line between shoe-gaze inspired tracks and their own sub-genre, which they have deemed, “Dream Rock”. ’This Town Ain’t Big Enough (For The Both Of Us)’ , follows suit. Featuring an eclectic mix of washed out guitars, up-eat drums and bubbling synth solos, the lyrics focus on infatuation and love, as well as personal growth and the shadows within us. Deeply reminiscent of artists like The War On Drugs, the track exudes its own individuality and appeal in its dreamy delivery, producing an irresistible, nostalgic allure. 


The band had this to say on the album itself: “The album «Lunar Radio» is based on a lonely, small town radio host. Because of his unrequited love in a girl he plays love songs on the midnight «lunar radio» in hope that we will tune in and listen. The songs being played are the songs on the album. There’s a lyrical connection through the songs exploring themes like anxiety, love, depression and longing.”



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