The Glitch Mob share documentary explaining their giant custom-made music-machine, Behind The Blade 2.0

Written by Maya-Rose Torrão

The Glitch Mob’s bass-heavy rock ‘n roll-style electronic glitch music has always pushed the boundaries. Consisting of producers Boreta, Ooah and edIT, the trio have always been bringing innovation to the electronic music world and now, have just shared a seven-minute documentary showing the behind the scenes creation of their incredible custom-made instrument, The Blade 2.0. Visually, the machine immediately makes an astounding impact, with massive touch-screens, angular metal stand structures and artistic spiked drum orbs above the artists’ heads. Sonically, it’s just as impressive.

To make this incredible live instrument a reality, The Glitch Mob teamed up with DELL, Alienware and talented visual artist Strangeloop. The group has always been about DIY and innovation, and when they unveiled the first version of The Blade, they were able to share their hunger for creativity and expression with audiences across the globe. Now, with The Blade 2.0, that innovation has been taken even further; never settling, never satisfied, The Glitch Mob are always looking for new ways to connect with audiences and to create magical stories.

The Glitch Mob are currently touring their new album, ‘See Without Eyes’, across North America and Europe, with The Blade 2.0.

Watch the documentary on The Blade 2.0 below.

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