The Australian Dance Community Is Raising Funds To Aid In The Bushfire Crisis

Artists, labels, promoters and producers are all coming together to raise money to tackle the heartbreaking crisis Australia is facing with unprecedented blazes.

It’s evident at this point that we are at a turning point in history when it comes to the climate crisis; with the severity of natural disasters escalating at unprecedented rates, along with the increase in disasters occurrences altogether. There is perhaps no clearer example of this than the scorching, blazing fires burning out of control across the world – and most recently, the mega-blazes in Australia.

The devastating effects of the Australian fires are heartbreaking to say the least; thousands of homes have been lost, hectares of land destroyed – and most upsettingly, at least 28 lives have been lost and over 1 billion animals have perished (with entire ecosystems estimated to have been wiped out.)

Luckily in times of disaster people often come together in aid, and many musicians, producers and labels are working together to raise as much money as possible to assist in relief aids to fight the fires. Aside from artists all over the world pledging money to the plight, a large number of Australian artists are releasing exclusive content – with the profits from merch, EPs, compilations and events all going toward fighting the crisis.

An incredible amount of labels and promoters such as Animals Dancing, Ghostly, Wax’o Paradiso, Paper-Cuts, Mac Demarco, Sydney Open, Picnic, Lost In Ibiza and many more – are holding an extensive line-up of events in Australia. Resident Advisor have a comprehensive list of all events one can attend to aid in the disaster. 

Please consider donating to the emergency relief efforts below!

Fire Relief Fund For First Nation Communities

NSW Wildlife Information, Rescue And Education Service

New South Wales Rural Fire Service

Country Fire Authority Victoria

Red Cross Disaster Relief And Recovery

Image: Matt Abbott, New York Times

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