Teengirl Fantasy Set For Planet Mu Debut

American electronic duo Teengirl Fantasy will release their first album, called 8am, on Mike Paradinas’s record label on March 24th.

It is their first full-length album since 2012’s Tracer, though its title seems to suggest that it will be a natural follow-up to 7am, the band’s 2010 breakout effort. East Coast rapper Khalif Jones a is confirmed collaborator on the album.

Planet Mu says that 8am is Teengirl Fantasy’s “most introspective and most abstracted work so far”, capable of “immersing the listener in a gently invigorating space.”

New album cut “Star-rise” demonstrates the band’s increasing rhythmic and melodic complexity, offsetting a dancefloor pulse with cascading synth and rich tom drum textures.

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