Techno duo Clouds announces new concept album, share hardcore industrial single ‘Parkzicht’

Written by Maya-Rose Torrão

Scottish techno duo Clouds have just announced that they will release a brand new album via Electric Deluxe, slated for release on November 23. The newest body of work will be a concept album that includes an entire in-depth backstory that outlines the fall of German-occupied Glasgow and the rail system that runs through the decrepit city, transporting junkies, rioters and ravers alike through the destruction. Titled ‘Heavy The Eclipse’, the announce of the LP is accompanied by the entire story of the city of Neurealm and ‘SHE WHO LIVES’  a heroine shining a light in the dark world that has degenerated into a collection of cults, blood and dismantled industria.

Clouds explains, “After numerous waves of social collapse, Glasgow, a once prosperous city thriving off an industry of trade and shipbuilding, had run to waste in lawless ruin. The land passed into the hands of new owners; a German-speaking conglomerate, who incorporated it into a new civic entity: Neurealm.” A website has also been created, in conjunction with designer David Rudnick, that outlines the whole backstory, complete with maps and dark illustrations.

The label, HTID: Heaven-Sent Tekno Impakting Dancefloors, or Hardcore Till I Die, says that fans can expect “ravaged and warped breakbeats,” “wailing euphoric noise,” and “post-industrial hardcore,” which can be confirmed when listening to Clouds’ first single release from the forthcoming album.

Listen to Clouds’ latest single release, ‘Parkzicht’, from ‘Heavy The Eclipse’, below.

Clouds Upcoming Shows:
Sep 16: w/ Jaded, Corsica Studios, London (UK)
October 12: Entente Nocturne Festival, Le Kilowatt, Paris (FI)
October 19: Verknipt ADE Day 2 – Techno Special, Amsterdam Studio’s, Amsterdam (NL)
October 19: Audio Obscura x Electric Deluxe & Dystopian at The Prison (Sold Out), Bijlmerbajes, Amsterdam (NL)
December 21: Rotterdam Rave Indoor ‘Winter Special’ 2018, Maassilo, Rotterdam (NL)

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