Tangible Spectres Glow In Objekt’s Cocoon Crush

Objekt | Cocoon Crush | PAN

Release Date: November 9th

Written by Jenna Dreisenstock

Image Credit: Unknown

The duality between the artificial and strikingly organic; to stroke emerald earth and stutter the flash of buttons and control within a machine – traverse between a dichotomy that need not be, opening and breaking through in magnificent biotic splendour garnished with studded electronica; one explores a landscape built in atmospheric confidence – the embrace of timbre and growth in new expression.

Invoking a plethora of mood, foundations of new worlds in the auditory journey sprouted by TJ Hertz – electronic producer and DJ also known under his moniker Objekt. With the release of Cocoon Crush, Objekt takes his signature personality and grabs hold of the endless possibility in collaging timbres, creating soundscapes immersive in curiosity and a dark playfulness: and the stunning shimmer of both the traditional and electronic myriad of experiences.

Opening in a gentle planet-clash purr, ‘Dazzle Anew’ shines starlight-bassline shivers; amongst click-clack textural curiosities and rhythmic claps sings the atmospheric build of the organic in the immerse of robotic heartbeats. Timbres juggling silence amongst worlds bloom and hard-hit, tender drenched bass; exploring the idiosyncrasy of science-fiction drift in familiarity with Earth’s natural voice – gliding traditional through it’s tangibility yet embracing the unidentified, artificial yet excitable whimsy.

An eerie tranquility in water-drip ambient soak introduces ‘Deadlock’, chiming in spectral anticipation as one sways in phantasm flow; a steady beat interrupt yet, stroking care in a trip-hop reminiscent splendour break and progression. The flutter of electronic fireflies studding the atmosphere in a lay-back of oscillation and chirping robotics. In combination with natural robota, and songbird timbres glittering; the strength of the bassline in loving force pushes the track in a head-nod slow dance, layering the synthetic in a swirling flow of organic resonance.  

Spectral cathedral bells chime as ‘Rest Yr Troubles On Me’ opens in gothic mesmer, a shroud of darkness forming a charming yet anxiety inducing ambience that surrounds the listener as lost souls watch quietly. The high-pitch nervous chill drones amongst the prayer and whisper; bubbling beyond into a red-eyed drone. Modulated robot speaks after a broken tinnitus; a collage of rummaging through the ruins of what once was – a takeover of the artificial within a breakdown of biotic exclaim in a nerve-wracking underworld of layered atmosphere.

Runaway’ glitter-spills percussive as an introduction, a serenity swallowed within drenched bubble-bass; a melody in minor amongst the textural living, as the bassline chirrup slithers in atmospheric progression; a traverse in timbre and juxtaposition between tangibility and spectral artificiality furthers percussive clap-driven minor key oscillation – a breaking whirr into sleepless tranquility. The imagining of watching the ocean roll in as the tender chatter of voices reminds one of a summer’s day; turned cloudy in UFO oscillation – confidence in a fast-paced beat growing in climatic atmosphere as the trac closers with the listener engulfed.

The willingness to push the genre-defy of organic textures amongst science-fiction electronic splendour allows Objekt to present a new side of himself whilst continuing to stay true to his striking talent in atmospheric landscaping. With tracks that are distinguishable and unique in each of their inherent natures; Cocoon Crush is the perfect title for this LP; encompassing both the tangible and abstract in the incredible ability to provoke thoughtful, engrossing worlds that burst forth into butterfly glow and phantasm slumber with each listen.

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