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Fever Ray – Radical Romantics

Karin Dreijer opens Radical Romantics with an apology. “I’ve done all the tricks that I can,” confesses Dreijer, offering us their atonement. After all, being a fan of Fever Ray is a complex experience. First introduced to the world as a genderfucked shamanic entity wielding primordial witch house beats, it

Few acts in electronic music have been as thrillingly enigmatic as Fever Ray, the solo project of The Knife’s Karin Dreijer. Their 2009 eponymous and lauded debut album introduced Fever Ray as a genderless forrest spirt, a witchy and often faceless being hidden beneath primordial masks and tribalistic markings. Then,

Canadian ‘futurepop’ outfit Purity Ring arrived at a sort of turning point for electropop. It was 2010, eurodance had infected mainstream pop and the EDM boom was reaching its peak. Moreso, the rise of the internet as a space for sharing and discovering music had generated a storm of microgenres,

This week’s roundup take us to versions of dystopian futures, explores the trans/human, and delves into the undeniable euphoria of, well, weird dance music. Listen below: Follow our Roundup Selections playlist on Spotify to stay updated on what we have on repeat. ARP – New Pleasures  American producer ARP’s latest

Experimental ambient producer sweeep has released her latest album, wake up before u die with all of its unusual goodness to boot.  The Stockholm-based producer has worked with a string of well-known names including lo-fi royalty Eevee, the enigmatic WTCHCRFT and most recently DJ Clea. The recently released album opens

Enigmatic producer sweeep first arrived on our radar a little over 3 years ago as she released the single, ‘Realize’ accompanied by a Loneliness remix. At the time, we sat down for an exclusive interview with her in which we explored the artist’s complex production style. In the following years,

Let’s launch into Monday with a witch house remix from the enigmatic producer Juche. The artist has recently taken on tee dee dees debut single, ‘War’, wrapping the indie hit in synths and electronic embellishments with layers of ominous retro tones. The single was released earlier this year via Alaska

Image: PAN If you are new to the work of Pan Daijing, you’re in for a trip. The Guiyang-Berlin based songwriter and, more accurately, sound artist will take you to the darkest, most uncanny parts of our lived experience and will deliver you feeling both enlightened and terrified. Daijing’s work

Image: Ninja Tune In 2019, Marie Davidson announced she was retiring from live club music. The Montreal based DJ/producer, and by her own right, slam poet, is largely known for her innovative live hardware sets. The announcement was eerily felicitous, as a few months later clubs would see themselves shut

Halloween came earlier this year, as music producer Das Mörtal has released his new single ‘It Comes’ via Libson Lux Records. Featuring heavy synth and bass notes throughout the single, ‘It Comes’ will enchant you, and compel the listener to escape reality and wander in the night.  The single falls

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