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Deadcrow’s new song ‘Hyperdrive’ is a blast

Playing catch on the darker side of the sonic playground, producer Deadcrow recently released a synth-heavy Wave record titled ‘Hyperdrive’. Liberal with the Bass, the Quality Goods Records signee had specific intentions when producing the track. “The goal was to make a riddim track but with wave sound design, and

Enigmatic producer sweeep first arrived on our radar a little over 3 years ago as she released the single, ‘Realize’ accompanied by a Loneliness remix. At the time, we sat down for an exclusive interview with her in which we explored the artist’s complex production style. In the following years,

  Image credit: Adrien Villagomez Music producer Das Mörtal opens the portal of mischief and intrigue a day before Halloween with his latest work, album Miami Beach Witches via Libson Lux Records. He also invites his fans to a socially distanced live stream event, where he will present the new album

Brooklyn-based retrowave producer DJ Ten has shared his latest track, ‘Gamble (feat. Immortal Girlfriend)’ as part of his newly released EP We Dream Aloud via TenStars. The producer composed and mixed the EP himself with Tonebox, previous associations include DEADLIFE, stepping forward as the master engineer. DJ Ten is also

Hot on the heels of his debut EP Through The Forcefield, iSorin has dropped ‘Laminar Flow’, which The Playground is happy to have premiered on the 23rd of May. Highlights of the track include its simmering bassline and the vocal chops leaking through the layers of rich synth sounds soaring

Interview by Arnold van der Walt Wave music is a subgenre of electronic bass music that’s been taking over the internet from all corners of the globe. If you’re a regular reader of The Playground you may have noticed that we’ve had multiple interviews, articles, and premieres from various wave

Based in Krakow, Poland, FIDSER has loved music his whole life. He first took up piano as a child, but his discovery of the turntable and midi controllers soon enticed him away from traditional classical music-making, towards the exciting sounds of electronic production. After several years of expanding his musical

Interview By Maya-Rose Torrao Producing under the moniker AyyJay, UK wave artist Aaron Reid has been hypnotising the online electronic music scene for more than half a decade. Over the years AyyJay has been honing his craft, carefully creating, with the help of an ever-growing and exceptionally supportive wave music

Written by Maya-Rose Torrão “I make music for you to listen to when you’re walking home in the dark.” Jake Lee is the UK mastermind behind the dark wave project that fuses horror culture with electronic music production. Drawing on elements from the witch house genre as well as darkwave

Written by Maya-Rose Torrão Swiss darkwave producer juche is a man shrouded in mystery. Every park of this talented musician’s online presence points to shadowy images of a dystopian world; empty urban scenes, dark hallways and obscured faces. A kind of sci-fi post-apocalypse lingers in juche’s music, as if this

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