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A new era of Grimes is upon us

There’s lots of new material expected from Grimes in the coming week. The Canadian alt-pop star has released the cover art for long anticipated and much teased single, Shinigami Eyes which is due to drop on January 26th via popular video game Rocket League. The single, which follows Player Of

Last week, the metaverse hosted its first virtual rave. On Thursday, January 20 hundreds of online users visited Decentraland (a metaverse virtual reality that encourages people to buy plots of land with cryptocurrency) to experience what metaverse nightlife might have to offer. The event, hosted by Norwegian artist Bjarne Melgaard

Image courtesy Fractal Fantasy / Zora Jones Fractal Fantasy, the label and creative collective headed by producers Sinjin Hawke & Zora Jones have launched their new online interactive club simulator. The audio-visual platform includes a soundtrack that features original music from Hawke, Xzavier Stone, Zubotnik, Martyn Bootyspoonand and Jones. The

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