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15 Laid-Back Tracks To Chill Out To

Feature Image by Steve Hogg Taking a moment of calm in our daily lives is essential to our wellbeing, as a constant build-up of stress can not only affect our mental health, but our physical health too. The affect of music on our lives is unprecedented, and despite whatever emotions

“I avoid thinking about the end results and focus on sharing my truth instead.” Main photo credit: Pierrick Campoy Amador Interview by Arnold van der Walt French producer Uppermost is well-known for his emotive tracks that always manage to ignite the soul of the listener. With a slew of hits behind

Independent electronic producer Uppermost shares latest single ‘Atoms ft. Birsen’ via Uppwind Records, lifted from the upcoming album Perseverance scheduled for release on the 23rd March. Uppermost’s latest single ‘Atoms ft. Birsen’ is an atmospheric, intimate portrayal of human existence. Filled to the brim with reflection and existential friction, the track eases in

Independent electronic music producer Uppermost shares new single ‘Step By Step ft. Sôra’ released on December 1st via Uppwind Records. Featured vocalist is emerging songstress Sôra who is influenced by a wide array of genres, including jazz, rock, and  soul, and is the vocalist for Tape, a trip-hop, jazz-rock band, as well as

Paris-based electronic artist Behdad Nejatbakhshe, aka Uppermost crafts each of his compositions with the will to bring instinctive emotion into the spotlight. Raised on Persian musical influences, the emotional side of music inspired his interest in formulating melodies and chords. His recent release of a 23-track career-spanning collection titled Origins

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