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‘Challenge Me Foolish’, the (almost) lost u-Ziq album

Challenge Me Foolish is an almost lost album by English electronic producer µ-Ziq, containing material circa 1998-99 – an era that saw Mike Paradinas release Royal Astronomy on the now defunct Virgin subsidiary Hut Records, as well as touring with Icelandic songstress Björk. It’s an era of his music that’s definitely worth re-exploring, in

We chat to Planet Mu’s record label owner and producer Mike Paradinis about the diversity of artists on his roster, creating an authentic voice and creating original content. Your record label Planet Mu plays host to a diverse range of artists that take your body and mind into astral activity,

Planet Mu label boss, Mike Paradinas AKA µ-Ziq, has just released over 100 previously unheard tracks to Soundcloud. Paradinas, who played James Lavelle presents UKLE SOUNDS just this Saturday, has released recordings that date back at far as 1982.  Taking note from Aphex Twin who did something of a similar vein

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