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The Department of Justice Has Reached A Deal With Live Nation & Ticketmaster After Violation Of Consent Decree

Live Nation and Ticketmaster have received their fair share of scrutiny, especially in 2019; back in July, a Billboard report surfaced which confirmed that Live Nation, who merged with ticket-giant Ticketmaster, had been purposefully transferring thousands of tickets to resellers – who then mark up prices for added profit. Despite

TicketMaster are introducing a new form of ticket access in order to properly cater to those with disabilities. For those of us who are able-bodied, it’s easy to remain ignorant about the general inaccessibility faced by those who are disabled – in everyday life, there are many challenges in place

Written by Maya-Rose Torrão A man named Allen Lee is suing Ticketmaster, an entity of Live Nation, for unfair business practices and unjust enrichment over their TradeDesk platform. The complaint by Lee asks “Have you ever wondered why Ticketmaster has been unable to rid itself of the scalpers who purchase

On October 12th, event guide Songkick’s CEO and founder sent out a statement to artists and managers that the company will cease all operations on October 31st. Songkick chief Matt Jones has thanked all artists, agents, managers, promoters, venues, partners and “now nearly all former employees if CrowdSurge and Songkick.”

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