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Deadmau5, Foster the People – Hyperlandia

Image: Deadmau5 Deadmau5 featuring Foster The People is not a sentence that anyone may have imagined being written, but stranger things have already happened at the start to this decade, so here we are. To be fair, Hyperlandia actually works entirely in favour of this collaboration. Unlike his previous single

Italy’s Davide Squillace is a mainstay for a reason. His contemporary take on techno and deep tech has seen him release an exhaustive roster of top notch electronic music and transfixing DJ sets, while his work behind the scenes has seen him establish several labels over the span of his

Image by Kai Whiston, Iglooghost & Daniel Mutton From a striking extraterrestrial concept album to an unexpectedly lusty industrial techno turn by one of pop’s foremost figures, these are the releases that caught our attention this week. In no particular order:  FISHER- Just Feels Tight  FISHER has become synonymous with

Image by Louie Banks Late last year while the world was deep in the throes of lockdown, German photographer, musician and multi-disciplinary artist Wolfgang Tillmans released his video work, Can’t Escape Into Space. Filmed on an empty dance floor on location at a venue in the iconic LGBTQIA+ haven of

Image: Fabric The concept of the recorded DJ mix has never been more relevant than in our current moment. In the absence of nightclubs and music venues, DJs turned to recorded content to keep the party going. The lack of a live audience removed the necessity to play music that

Image by Calvin Leander Over the past few decades, German tech-house producer Sascha Braemer has pretty much had a hand in the shaping of the current global house music scene. His large number of releases have set the precedent for the sound of his genre, and his laidback beats are

Image by Rob Walbers From acid induced Miami bass to an eleven minute reworking of a disco magnum opus, these are the releases that caught our attention this week. In no particular order:  VITALIC – Carbonized  Vitalic returns with a chaotic electroclash offering that is full-on sci-fi theatre macabre. The

Image by Fredrik Schneider When pressing play on Dedicated 2 Disrespect, the debut EP from Berlin based DJ and producer LSDXOXO, the word jouissance comes to mind. That is, an inescapable state of pleasure, delight, or ecstasy. Pleasure in the context of queer subversion weaponises itself against the heteronormative masses.

Staged on the twelfth floor of a wall-less skyscraper within Vienna, NHOAH held an 80-minute live show. With over three months of planning and committed personnel helping carry all equipment up the stairs due to lack of elevator, the show was gearing up to be a big one. However, on

“I want all the wild, crazy, freaky, sexy, nerdy people there; all together having the times of there lives! That’s my goal each and every time I’m on the stage.” Interview by Arnold van der Walt Any self-respecting house fan would instantly recognise the name Gene Farris. Considered a bona

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