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Yeule – Sulky Baby

Singaporean glitch pop artist Yeule staked a claim for alt-pop stardom with last year’s beguiling and brilliant Glitch Princess, an album that fused her sonic interests into a singular style that sounded incredibly future focussed. One of those interests was a shoegaze, soft-rock sensibility, noticeable in the mellow way her

The music video for Depeche Mode’s haunting comeback single Ghosts Again features Dave Gahan playing chess against his older self, trying to outmaneuver the inevitable end that is death. Later, he crawls on hands and knees through the mud of a cemetery as his dying body watches wistfully. Ghosts Again,

Hot Chip are in the business of crafting synthpop that exists somewhere between Kraftwerk and glam rock, with a good dose of kook to measure, a sound that for the most part provides pure, unadulterated joy. The English five piece led by Alexis Taylor and Joe Goddard have been in

Image: Ninja Tune In 2019, Marie Davidson announced she was retiring from live club music. The Montreal based DJ/producer, and by her own right, slam poet, is largely known for her innovative live hardware sets. The announcement was eerily felicitous, as a few months later clubs would see themselves shut

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