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Avant-pop songstress Fifi Rong releases highly anticipated crowd-funded album

Chinese-British Avant-pop artist Fifi Rong has released her long-awaited solo album There Is A Funeral In My Heart, For Every Man I Loved. The album is self-produced and crowd-funded, and the singer has embarked on a whirlwind journey to get here. Album Stream/ download The album has been 5 years

  Swedish songstress Clara Mae first appeared on our radar with the release of her gentle single, ‘Crash’ via Universal Music Sweden and we immediately jumped on board for an exclusive interview with the singer. In it, we discovered she had a unique way of looking at both life and

Born in Salento, Italy and based in Lecce (Puglia) and having spent five years living in London, Matilde Davoli is currently exploring the intangible nature of Home in her latest album. Following the introduction, her previously released single ‘Sine’ opens the LP with gently rolling progressions and luxurious notes of

Ukrain-born duo Bloom Twins are the latest guests to star on Purple Disco Machine’s new Exotica album. The twins feature on ‘Opposite Of Crazy’, a laid-back, synth-drenched pop track. Currently based in the UK, the Bloom Twins have become popular in both fashion and music circles. Their striking looks and

Image by Charlotte Rutherford Pop star Grimes recently shared a new song via her Instagram. The singer shared that she wrote and produced the track called Love last week in response to “all the privacy invasion, bad press, online hate and harassment by paparazzis I’ve experienced this week.” This follows

            Image credit: Jonathan Perlmann Now don’t tell anyone but we’ve got a soft spot for the elegant pop artists who are currently making their way out of Sweden. Take Clara Mae, for example, with her breathtaking new single, ‘Crash’ released less than a week ago via Universal Music Sweden. The

It really wasn’t that long ago that Maria Domark appeared on our radar with her “in-your-face” song, ‘Mieway’ and naturally, we were hooked. The Russian-born, Israeli based artist sat down with us for an exclusive interview, in which we explored her upcoming debut EP, Flawless and her unparalleled creative process.

  Image credit: Mike Musanu Delightfully surreal multi-instrumentalist Jon Doe creates mesmerizing indie rock soundscapes and storylines that feel like one is wrapped in a vibrant sun-soaked dream. Written on an impulse when he woke up from a real dream he had about his ideal partner, his latest single ‘In My

Los Angeles duo Elephants Everywhere have released another shimmering pop single, ‘Numb’ featuring the vocals of Las Vegas born singer Kaylie Foster (aka FOSTER). The single follows the release of ‘Give Me Love’, which featured the vocals of songstress ELSIE BAY and first caught our attention earlier this year. You

Image by Travys Owen Their name is River Moon (@saint.deepthroat if you’re nasty) and over the past few years they have been one of the most significant cultural visionaries of the zeitgeist, shaping the sound of their scene from the comfort of their bed. Moon doesn’t really know how to

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