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Q+A: Five Minutes with Inusa Dawuda

  Crossover singer-songwriter, saxophonist, and entertainer Inusa Dawuda a.k.a the “Black Pharaoh” returned recently with the release of his new single, ‘Waka Waka Day & Night’ shared on the 1st of September 2023. With releases on recording labels such as BMG and Universal Music, Pacha Recordings, Tiger Records-Kontor Records, Hed

Image: Smalltown Supersound In his seminal work Cruising Utopia: The Then and There of Queer Futurity, the queer theorist José Esteban Muñoz examines queerness as a mode of futurity, distinguishing it from heteronormative futurity as defined by the drive to reproduce and suggesting that rather, queer futurity is concerned with

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