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Mall Grab – Metaphysical

London’s Mall Grab is an interesting creature. Perhaps more so than his peers, he’s always been quite genre-fluid. Morphing through various styles of house, techno, and EBM, Mall Grab hasn’t settled on one thing too long before he’s on to the next. His past few releases have shown a slight

There’s something inherently badass about an artist or band using their name as the title of one of their songs. It’s quite metal, actually. In that genre, it’s seen as a sort of flex by a band who’ve reached a point at which they’ve garnered the merit to pull such

Alice Glass has been on a journey of self-reclamation. Following the public fallout of Crystal Castles and her allegations of emotional and sexual abuse against former bandmate Ethan Kath, Glass was left shattered. But since then, she’s been picking up the pieces and has taken the time to temper herself

Last week, the metaverse hosted its first virtual rave. On Thursday, January 20 hundreds of online users visited Decentraland (a metaverse virtual reality that encourages people to buy plots of land with cryptocurrency) to experience what metaverse nightlife might have to offer. The event, hosted by Norwegian artist Bjarne Melgaard

Image by Matthew Smith Full on, Non Stop, All Over is the upcoming new photobook from Bristol photographer Matthew Smith, also known as Mattko. The book will focus on Smith’s documentation of rave culture between the years 2000 and 2005, and is published by Trip Publishing. It follows Smith’s previous

Image via Getty Better Days: The Story of UK Rave, the new documentary from MOBO-nominated director Hugo Jenkins, has been released via Amazon Music. The 30 minute documentary is available to stream via the Amazon Music app and YouTube channel.  The film is an in-depth look into the UK’s rave

Image: Naafi Manuka Honey, like her namesake, is a rare and alluring talent. There is a captivating etherealness about the London based DJ and producer, and her work as an astrologer only deepens the mystique. Drawing from the grooves of her Pakistani-Latin heritage, her eclectic DJ sets combining folky cumbia

Image by Esme Surfleet Earlier this month, Liverpool became one of the first cities in the world to host a fully fledged rave in the wake of the pandemic and global lockdown restrictions. Ravers around the world were left in envy and awe at scenes from the event hosted by

Held in Granville park in Shropshire, UK – local police were forced to shut down and disperse a crowd of at least 70 people who broke physical-distancing and lockdown laws in England by holding a rave. The world as we know it has changed exponentially, and as we endure the

Written by Jenna Dreisenstock Illegal raves are on the rise; according to a recently released Sky News report and coverage by Resident Advisor, the growing number of illegal raves in the UK is skyrocketing with incidents growing in 2018 by 9% – with 680 illegal raves being reported this year

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