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The Blessed Madonna – Serotonin Moonbeams

Marea Stamper has had an interesting two years. Following an online petition in the wake of the BLM movement in 2020, the American DJ and producer formerly known as The Black Madonna was compelled to change her name to The Blessed Madonna. Then, she remixed Dua Lipa’s seminal Future Nostalgia

Italy’s right wing government has introduced a new ‘anti-rave’ law following the shutting down of a free party in Modena on Halloween. The party, called Witchtek 2K22, was shut down 24 hours early on Monday, October 31 by police. The party was scheduled to take place across the final weekend

Welcome to November. We roundup our favourite releases of the week and first of the new month. Listen below. Follow our Roundup Selections playlist on Spotify to stay updated on what we have on repeat.   Eartheater, DOSS – High Tide (DOSS Remix) Enigmatic producer DOSS adds her signature ‘doof

From old-school rave to sleazy hip-house, we roundup our favourite tracks of the week. Listen below.  Follow our Roundup Selections playlist on Spotify to stay updated on what we have on repeat.   Bonobo – Defender On this year’s Fragments, British electronic musician Bonobo expanded his palette beyond slow burning,

On the final track of his new album Quiet As Kept, F.O.G., Kai Whiston weaves a recording of a conversation between himself and his mother into a ten minute trip-hop soundscape of spiralling drones, swelling strings, and jagged breakbeats. “My first rave was in the warehouse I was living in,”

It’s no secret that London producer SONIKKU is a total pop nerd. In fact, of all his peers in the current bubblegum bass / hyperpop sphere, he may be the most enthusiastic student. This love for the genre has allowed SONIKKU to develop a sense for hooks and aesthetic, though

Who are Two Shell? Truth be told, that’s probably a question that won’t have any sort of satisfying answer for the foreseeable future. Here’s what we do know: the mysterious and elusive duo have risen from the London underground, dropping a string of vinyl exclusive singles and EPs. Earlier this

It’s possible that Australian producer Teneil Throssell’s greatest superpower under her club music alias HAAi, is her pysch-rock origin story. As HAAi, Throssell has been cultivating a sonic identity over the past few years that has become notorious for its high energy, acidic, peak time energy. But under the rave

Before hyperpop was consecrated as a genre of itself, there was singeli. The hyperactive, breakneck club music born in the underground scene of Dar E Salam can be looked at as a sort of precursor to what hyperpop has done in the West. Years before 100 Gecs threw auto-tuned hooks

New York producer Vitesse X used to make shoegaze. It makes sense that she was drawn to George Clanton’s 100% Electronica movement (née label), known for their futuristic chill and vaporwave and most recently, their cyber-rave VR events that streamed over the course of lockdown. It was here that Vitesse

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