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New poll suggests 26% of UK population want the permanent closure of nightclubs

Image by Aaron Chown A recent poll conducted by market research company Ipsos MORI for The Economist has found that more than a quarter of the British population would like to see nightclubs permanently closed. The poll was conducted for The Economist in order to gauge what Covid-19 lockdown measures

Image by Dan Billinghurst Following Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s announcement on June 14th that the reopening of the live music and events actor would be delayed until mid-July, many nightlife establishments and workers in the UK have been calling out the government for failing to support their struggling industry. Save

The festive season always brings a sense of community and joy, especially as christmas rolls around; but it can also be an extremely stressful and financially draining period. This is a time for massive sales, promotions and gifts – yet our purchases can have a direct and extremely negative impact

Written by Maya-Rose Torrão Berlin club ://about blank have cancelled an upcoming event featuring Cómeme and Room 4 Resistance (R4R), in light of R4R’s participation in the social media campaign #DJsForPalestine (you can check out our article on the movement from last week, here), coordinated by PACBI (Palestinian Campaign For The

Written by Maya-Rose Torrão Pyotr Verzilov, one of four members of anti-Kremlin punk activist group Pussy Riot who were arrested during the second half of the world cup final for their pitch invasion protest, was rushed to hospital on Saturday night after falling ill on the Tuesday prior, following a

Written by Jenna Dreisenstock “Sometimes I regret it’s not 1937.” This admission by a Russian police officer, captured in recording as members of the punk activist music collective Pussy Riot find themselves detained after their demonstration during the FIFA World Cup final is frightening to say the least. 1937 refers to

In the wake of a far-right march looming on the horizon, Berlin’s club community is responding in poignant resistance to hate speech, discrimination and violence. Set to happen on Sunday, the 27th of May: an extremist, far-right German political party known as the AfD (Alternative fü Deutschland) has organized a

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