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PREMIERE: In conversation with composer-producer Epi Centrum as he shares a mesmerising improvisational-industrial techno track with us, ‘Abstract Concept Called Impact’

Interview by Maya-Rose Torrao “Creating music is an ecstatic and deeply emotional moment.” Warsaw’s analog techno maverick Jurek Przeździecki AKA Epi Centrum is one of the more powerful and uncompromising voices in former Eastern Bloc electronic music scene. Przeździecki has been producing music for over two decades and, over the

Based in Krakow, Poland, FIDSER has loved music his whole life. He first took up piano as a child, but his discovery of the turntable and midi controllers soon enticed him away from traditional classical music-making, towards the exciting sounds of electronic production. After several years of expanding his musical

Interview by Maya-Rose Torrão Polish wave music producer Da Vosk Docta has just recently dropped his brand new album ‘303K’ along with a stunning new music video for the track ‘Le Jus’ (see bottom of article) via SOHO Palace and it’s a synth-wave delight filled with dark melodies and deep bass hits.

Da Vosk Docta is an electronic producer and DJ currently based in Poland. Initially producing music with friends as a pastime activity, Da Vosk Docta started making waves across Europe and began to focus on this project more intently. Ditching hip-hop beats for deeply constructed electronic pieces, DVD now creates

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