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News: R.I.P – Renowned Synthesizer Pioneer Chris Huggett Has Passed Away

It is with great sadness to report that iconic synthesizer engineer and designer Chris Huggett has died. The British synthesizer pioneer is responsible for engineering some of the most legendary, innovative equipment that has graced the music realm for over 40 years, with his works changing the entire face of

Japanese electrical powerhouse Pioneer Corp is set to sell its DJ equipment business, which could reportedly command a price tag of around 60 billion Yen (almost £350 million). Details of the prospective sale are limited, having not yet been made public, however an initial Reuters report claims that Pioneer have

The ‘pioneer’ of CDJ’s has revealed a new deck…. that doesn’t use CD’s. Back in the early 00’s Pioneer unleashed the revolutionary CDJ-1000 and persuaded many DJ’s to put their vinyls back on the shelf and make the move from analogue to digital. In the age of iTunes, Spotify and mp3’s, CD’s are under

Pioneer mark 20 years in the industry by releasing the long awaited turntable set to replace the old war horse, Technics. Back in January this year Q-Bert tantalised turntablists’ taste-buds by “spilling the beans” on a new project with Pioneer. Rumours and predictions came thick and fast and today they

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