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easyFun – Audio

PC Music’s Finn Keane, better known as easyFun, has been an essential player in establishing many of the collective’s signatures. The bubblegum bass throb that’s become synonymous with PC Music hyperpop is largely his doing, as is the general sense of elation that comes from a saccharine dose of PC

Almost six years after the label’s sophomore compilation, hyperpop pioneers PC Music have announced the release of PC Music, Vol. 3. The new full length compilation will feature twenty entries from artists on and associated with the label. These include Caroline Polachek, Clario, Charli XCX and PC Music label head

On the 30th of January 2021, Scottish born producer and acclaimed pop visionary Sophie Xeon began to make her way up to her rooftop in Athens to gaze at the moon. “True to her spirituality,” the statement from her label Transgressive would read later that day while confirming that the

Image by Rob Walbers From acid induced Miami bass to an eleven minute reworking of a disco magnum opus, these are the releases that caught our attention this week. In no particular order:  VITALIC – Carbonized  Vitalic returns with a chaotic electroclash offering that is full-on sci-fi theatre macabre. The

Image by Julian Buchan Hyperpop has been having an uncharacteristically sombre moment. The death of one of its most promising progenitors early in the year has left an undeniable void, and lately little can be said of the genre without acknowledging SOPHIE’s absence. What better way to restart the party

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