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Bendik Giske queers the saxophone on the beguiling new album, ‘Cracks’

Image: Smalltown Supersound In his seminal work Cruising Utopia: The Then and There of Queer Futurity, the queer theorist José Esteban Muñoz examines queerness as a mode of futurity, distinguishing it from heteronormative futurity as defined by the drive to reproduce and suggesting that rather, queer futurity is concerned with

The use of smartphones during concerts is a generally accepted practice among many; in fact, for many of us, the concept of not snapping pics or recording videos is quite unusual. It’s one thing being annoyed as we watch fellow festival goers with their heads down, texting, paying no attention

Norway-based multi-instrumentalist and songstress Kari Jahnsen, better know as Farao has just released her latest single ‘The Ghost Ship‘. With plans for a new album underway, Farao has been picked up by Western Vinyl for the release, with no date announcement as of yet. Farao explains, “‘The Ghost Ship’ is about losing

sgrow | Circumstance | NO FOREVERS Release date: 10 November 2017 Review by Jenna Dreisenstock We hold in our hands the former; flare touch, gleaming crystal reflection – ourselves beneath a sheet of glass, a picture frame. It shimmers in the grasp of what we cling to, or what the

Interview by Shannon Lawlor sgrow are an experimental electronic duo based in Oslo, Norway. Since 2013, Vilde Nupen and Kristoffer Lislegaard have released a debut EP, a remix album and two full-length LPs. sgrow’s sound can be best described as an ethereal blend of IDM, classical, glitch and post-rock, encompassing

Sgrow is a musical collaboration between vocalist Vilde Nupen and electronic musician Kristoffer Lislegaard based in Oslo, Norway. Their experimental electronic approach represents a new and exciting contribution to the Norwegian electronica scene. Sgrow’s universe of sound is made up by processed guitars, synthesizers, drum machines, experimental field recordings and

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