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NHOAH drops EP featuring Pixelord, Mieko Suzuki and Peter Zirbs

Berlin-based electronic artist NHOAH shares latest remix EP, ‘120 Red Skies zu Remixen’ on 23rd February via R.O.T respectolerate Records, featuring remixes by Pixelord, Mieko Suzuki and Peter Zirbs, as well another version of the original recorded in French. This follows the success of ‘Abstellgleis zu Remixen’ containing breathtaking remixes

Berlin-based electronic artist NHOAH is set to release ‘Abstellgleis Remixes’ on 1st December via R.O.T respectortolerate Records. The package features breathtaking remixes by UK acid-house architects 808 State and London-based IDM pioneer µ-Ziq.  808 State boasts a long history of commercial success, with a discography spanning nearly 30 years. Their

NHOAH is a Berlin-based electronic artist, producer and musician. He is the owner of the record label and art collective, R.O.T (Respect or Tolerate). NHOAH has worked with artists and musicians like Romy Haag, Larry Steinbachek of Bronsky Beat, Gareth Jones of Depeche Mode, David Hasselhoff, The Pogues, Mia., Peacock

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