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Napster to relaunch as NFT and cryptocurrency marketplace

Notorious music streaming service Napster has announced plans to relaunch their business as a platform for cryptocurrencies and NFTs, reports Bloomberg. Napster is infamous for providing free and often illegal mp3 downloads of music to an entire generation of people in the early to mid-2000s.  The rebranding comes after Napster’s

Last week, Spotify rolled out a test which allowed artists to display their NFT collections to users. According to Music Ally, some users in the Android users in the US were able to access and view NFT galleries from artists including Steve Aoki and The Wombats. Both have been ardent

In an update on Universal’s 10:22 label’s NFT project, it has been announced that the label has acquired the NFT Bored Ape #5537 for near $361k. The new character, named Manager Noët All, will serve as leader of 10:22’s all-NFT virtual band, Kingship. The members of Kingship are all Bored

Yesterday, DJ/producer Dan Duncan (one half of tech duo Pig&Dan) launched CryptoDJs, a new platform that hosts collectable NFTs (nonfungible tokens) from electronic music artists. Launched on the Polygon blockchain, CryptoDJs offers fans access to “exclusive communities and content,” by way of collectable, digital NFT cards created by a small

Last week, the metaverse hosted its first virtual rave. On Thursday, January 20 hundreds of online users visited Decentraland (a metaverse virtual reality that encourages people to buy plots of land with cryptocurrency) to experience what metaverse nightlife might have to offer. The event, hosted by Norwegian artist Bjarne Melgaard

MODA DAO, a new decentralised and autonomous organisation designed for Web3, has announced that it will be looking to utilise Web3 technology in the music industry. According to their website, their Music3 framework is specifically designed for the metaverse and “play-to-earn” era, and is “dedicated to the adoption of Web3

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