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Universal Music Group set to launch virtual band made up of NFTs

Image: 10:22 Universal Music Group has announced it will launch a ‘supergroup’ band made up of NFT (non-fungible tokens) characters. The major label will be working with creator Jimmy McNelis to turn four of his NFT digital characters into a band called Kingship for their 10:22 label.  McNelis’s characters feature

For centuries, the only way to hear music was to listen to it live, a fleeting experience that was frequently shaped by the surrounding circumstances. At this point, the only way to “purchase” music was to buy the sheet music and find someone talented enough to play it and employ

Image courtesy of the artist Darling eccentric Clarian North has just beaten Kings of Leon off with his announcement of the first-ever NFT Music Album Launch. Issuing a challenge to the control that streaming giants such as Spotify have established, Clarian is betting he will sell his aptly titled new

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