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UK nightlife industry calls for government relief from sky high energy costs

Amidst the ongoing energy crisis in the UK which has seen the cost of energy skyrocket, live music venues and nightlife organisations in the UK are calling on the government to help alleviate them to avoid industry-wide bankruptcy.  An open letter penned by The Nighttime Industries Association, the Music Venue

Image by Anthony Devlin The UK has delayed the reopening of live music venues, nightclubs and festivals. This comes after a sharp rise in Covid-19 cases, believed to be due to the hyper infectious Delta variant. This news comes shortly after the country shared data from a series of ‘pilot’

Finally, some good news – for the most part. After months of pleading with the government to provide emergency funding in order for live music venues in the UK to stay afloat as the battle the extreme financial hardships the pandemic has placed upon them; the Music Venue Trust has

The mayor of London Sadiq Khan, along with Night Czar Amy Lamé (who works with the mayor in order “to keep the capital safe, vibrant and diverse at night.”) have stated in press release on the mayor’s official website that City Hall will be allocating £450,000 to aid Grassroots music

At the end of June, a financial planning announcement by PM Boris Johnson which would allow vacant buildings to be demolished for housing alarmed many: but Music Venue Trust has confirmed it will not affect grassroots music venues. At this rate, it is rather pointless to elaborate on the major

In a huge victory for grassroots music venues across the UK, the Music Venue Trust has secured a 50% slash in business rates. All across the world, the music community continues to face the ongoing crisis when it comes to the closer of live music venues; often not due to

Written by Jenna Dreisenstock Within our turbulent political climate, it’s beautifully refreshing to see so many music venues and organisers adhering to their obligations as they work toward making their spaces safe for all. Unfortunately, this cannot be stated overall – however the growth of organizers evolving and taking full

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