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Goethe Institute exhibition ‘Techno Worlds’ opens in Montreal, 300 page paperback to follow

A new techno exhibition backed by German cultural exchange institution, the Goethe Institute, is set to tour Canada, parts of the US, and Latin America. The exhibition, titled Techno Worlds, will explore and celebrate the history, roots, and overall cultural significance of techno. The exhibition is curated by German musician

The Ukraine electronic music scene has penned an open letter condemning Russia, asking for global support in the fight against Russian aggression. Multiple venues, promoters, and performers from Ukraine have signed the letter, which was released online on March 5th.  The letter reads, “We, the representatives of the music community,

As people have been saying home due to the pandemic without attending live shows, they’ve instead been spending their hard-earned cash supporting musicians via vinyl records. If one keeps up with current trends; whether it be music, fashion, art (the list goes on) – they may notice that often specific

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