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Lawsuit filed against Moog for workplace harassment and misogyny

Image by Alex Kacha A lawsuit has been filed against Moog, one of the world’s foremost creators of synthesisers, citing workplace discrimination. The allegations include both verbal and physical abuse, and misogyny. The suit is filed by former Moog employee Hannah Green, who is suing the company for more than

As entire towns and countries find themselves on lockdown in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, millions of people are confined to their homes in order to stay safe and delay the spread of the disease; with many others around the globe required to implement ‘social distancing’. With workplaces, schools

Image: Moog Music Moog has just unveiled its most innovative instrument to date, the Moog One. Moog’s most ambitious project ever, the Moog One is the culmination of decades of research and exploration, a tri-timbral, polyphonic, analog synthesizer that holds a world of possibilities in its meticulously designed knobs and

Moog is discontinuing the Sub 37 to make way for a new standard model related to its limited-edition SUBSEQUENT 37 CV. The North Carolina gear manufacturer earlier this year revealed the SUBSEQUENT 37 CV, a limited-edition, retooled version of its Sub 37 Tribute Edition with an aluminum aesthetic that was

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