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Q+A: Five minutes with Melawati

Though he may come from a background in indie rock, Martijn Ravesloot, AKA Melawati, has always found beauty in machines. Citing the likes of Aphex Twin and Amon Tobin as key influences, it was a matter of time before Ravesloot embraced his electronic instincts. Released last month on Maceo Plex’s

Image by Ishita Singh Identity politics in electronic music have always been a bit skewed. What began as a form of black queer expression evolved into the mainstream archetype of the cis-gender white male playing music for his ilk at the likes of Ultra and Tomorrowland. More often than not

Leoš Hort aka Hrtl is an electronic musician and producer based in Brno, Czech Republic. Known for creating dizzying modular synth-based music, Hrtl’s sound could be best described as a blend between the minimal techno and house eras akin to Detroit’s innovative experiments in electronic music throughout the years. Hrtl never plays the

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