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In Conversation with MEDUZA, the mysterious trio behind the global smash hit, ‘Piece Of Your Heart’

Interview by Arnold van der Walt If you’re a fan of electronic dance music, especially if you are a DJ yourself, you’ve undoubtedly stumbled upon MEDUZA’s ‘Piece of Your Heart Ft. Goodboys.’ MEDUZA consists of Mattia, Luca and Simone, 3 natives from Milan who have been making waves since their

OPUS 3000 is an alternative, neo-classical music project comprised of pianist Gloria Campaner, cellist Alessandro Branca and producer Francesco Leali, based in Milan, Italy. Born out of the necessity to blend passion for traditional music to an alternative production method. The project does so through each member’s adroitness – from

Milan-based alt-rock trio The Ghibertins release deluxe edition of their debut LP The Less I Know The Better on November 17th via MOB Sound Records. Hailing from Milan, the band consists of Alessio Hofmann (voice & guitar), Alessandro Fogazzi (guitar & bass) and Lorenzo Rivabella (guitar). The Ghibertins formed in 2012

Michelangelo‘s marble quarry, the Lorano Marble Cave is the stunning background to The Ghibertins‘ new single ‘I’m War‘ set for release on 13th October. Filmed on location at one of the most the breathtaking, inspiring locations, the Lorano Marble Cave in Carrara, Italy and directed by Json Adriani, the official music video for ‘I’m War’ is an exhilarating roller-coaster ride of emotion

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