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20 Cascading Wave Gems of August 2018

By Jenna Dreisenstock Artwork Credit: Natasha Molotkova The shimmering genre that is Wave never ceases to create beautiful seascapes of swirling, loving atmosphere and sings ever so charming in it’s unique personality and dynamic, immersive experience; drawing listeners in with it’s creative embrace. August has graced us with an engulf of

By Jenna Dreisenstock The month of June has brought us a brilliantly vivid sea-soaked shoreline, with Wave glittering amongst the royal blues, rich purples and flickering stars as city lights doused in atmospheric moonlight. Graced with the likes of tracks such as Øfdream’s ‘Protagonist’, beat-heavy and progressive in it’s rich

Interview by Shannon Lawlor Jude Leigh-Kaufman aka Kareful is an electronic producer and DJ currently based in London. An essential to the underground wave scene and club culture, Kareful has victoriously sculpted a unique and enchanting sound of his own, blending elements of ambient electronica or trap together with the

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