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Alex Wilcox – Always

DJ and producer Alex Wilcox found his way to Berlin by way of Austin, Texas, determined to f*** some shit up. The tracks he makes speak directly toward this modus operandi. They play like hyperactive, erratic Frankenstein’s monsters of dance music’s most propulsive styles and sounds, stitched together into fluorescent

New York’s WTCHCRFT forms part of a new guard of young Black innovators connecting the dots between the history of Black dance music and the future. In particular, he’s casting spells by morphing acid house and techno into rapid-fire, often filthy club formulations. His pivot from downtempo trap to mind-melting

We’d never have imagined that we’d be covering a Drake album here at The Playground, but for all accounts, Honestly, Nevermind feels significant. No one could have anticipated that the Canadian hip-hop superstar would pivot toward dance music, and with little warning at that. It makes Honestly, Nevermind one of

2021 has been a year for dance and electronica quite like no other. Coming out the other end of a pandemic where isolation became the new normal and online party Club Quarantine became the new Berghain, the future of a form inherently rooted in human connection and our instinct to

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