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Jayda G – Guy

Grammy nominated Canadian writer, producer, and DJ Jayda G loves making you feel good. Her acclaimed 2021 DJ Kicks compilation, and 2020 EP Both Of Us / Are You Down, would establish Jayda G as a purveyor of feel good, vibey house music formulated for sunsets and Sunday fun days.

Fresh from the release of critically their acclaimed album Sad Cities, Sally Shapiro is back with a new single mixed together with Johnny Jewel. Already appearing on Italians Do It Better’s After Dark 4 compilation, and heard on Moschino’s runway during Milan Fashion Week, the track is now getting a

It’s early morning, but it feels like last night never ended. Fresh sunlight has begun to filter through the slats of the blinds lining the immense windows of the Panorama Bar, still swarming with the dewy bodies of club kids draped in the finery of two nights ago. Click-clacking fans

Read anything about Melbourne’s Mike Katz, and by the end of it you’d have been reminded multiple times that the producer better known as Harvey Sutherland is a self-professed neurotic. In fact, he’s made it his brand. “Neurotic funk,” if you will, is Sutherland’s modus operandi, and over the past

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