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Foodman’s ‘Yasuragi Land’ finds magic in garage pies and bathhouses

Image: Hyperdub The West has always had an unhealthy appetite for Asian aesthetics. Perhaps due to its stark contrast to European austerity and chaste rigidity, the aesthetic conventions of Japan have become some of the most appropriated and fetishised. It’s even given rise to an entire counter-culture of non-Japanese people

Image: Ninja Tune In 2019, Marie Davidson announced she was retiring from live club music. The Montreal based DJ/producer, and by her own right, slam poet, is largely known for her innovative live hardware sets. The announcement was eerily felicitous, as a few months later clubs would see themselves shut

Image by Georgina Cook There’s always been a sense of overt otherness about Burial. The London producer’s work often feels focused from the outside; a voyeur to the dance floor rather than the dance floor itself. It is this point of view that positions Burial as an infamously elusive practitioner,

Written by Maya-Rose Torrão The 100th and final instalment of the iconic FABRICLIVE mix CD series has just dropped, a 37-track masterpiece curated by UK electronic music pioneers Burial and Kode9. The full tracklist has also just been shared with the world; you can order your copy of the mix

For the 100th and final instalment of the iconic FABRICLIVE mix CD series, in its current form, two UK pioneers unite for a hypnotic 74 minute mix. Burial and Kode9 are each credited with fostering esoteric, hyperlocal sounds and steering them to global recognition, helping to shape the landscape of contemporary

By Jenna Dreisenstock In order for a music scene to flourish, the need for committed and driven artists with unique styles and auditory personality is what builds the foundation for the love of these genres. However, it is imperative to remember that with this foundation we need to keep on

OKZharp & Manthe Ribane | Closer Apart | Black Major Release / Hyperdub Release date: 6 July 2018 Written by Jenna Dreisenstock In experimentation and collaboration, the ability to bring within the other – influences and experiences unknown to the outside – to combine all forms of expression from the

Okzharp and Manthe Ribane are producer Okzharp, with celebrated vocalist, artist and dancer Manthe Ribane. They hail from South Africa, where Manthe still resides, although Okzharp lives in the London where he is a DJ and producer, initially cutting his teeth in LV, who were one of the first acts

Burial and The Bug are set to release a new collaborative EP. Titled Flame 1, the 12-inch first appeared online, and will drop near the end of March on a new label called Pressure. Although, both Hyperdub alumni, this will be the pair’s debut collaboration, creating two tracks together titled ‘Fog’ and

Burial has announced yet another EP due for release on October 27th via NonPlus Records. Titled Pre Dawn/Indoors, the EP will be the UK-based electronic artist’s first release without Hyperdub since 2015’s Temple Sleeper, which came out on Keysound Recordings. Continuing from where he left on previous EP titled Rodent

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