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Roundup, May #3

From GrimesAI’s best single yet to deeply personal minimal electronica, we roundup our favorite tracks of the week. Listen below.    VTSS, Tim Reaper – Body, Mind, Hell (Tim Reaper Remix) With her debut EP, Circulus Vitiosus, VTSS pivoted toward vocal-driven alternative pop, a U-turn of sorts from the ravey,

You likely know Romy Madley Croft best as the sullen, somewhat distant guitarist and vocalist of The xx. But two years ago, the British singer switched that narrative with the release of Lifetime, a bubbly and bouncy certified bop that threw it back to the euphoria of the 90’s gay

It’s no secret that London producer SONIKKU is a total pop nerd. In fact, of all his peers in the current bubblegum bass / hyperpop sphere, he may be the most enthusiastic student. This love for the genre has allowed SONIKKU to develop a sense for hooks and aesthetic, though

Before hyperpop was consecrated as a genre of itself, there was singeli. The hyperactive, breakneck club music born in the underground scene of Dar E Salam can be looked at as a sort of precursor to what hyperpop has done in the West. Years before 100 Gecs threw auto-tuned hooks

Of all hyperpop and alt-pop’s current graduating class, perhaps no one truly loves pop music more than Sonikku. The London producer’s somewhat nerdy passion for the genre has seen him synthesise the dance pop of his wildest dreams with the giddy excitement of a child in a candy store. Cutting

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