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Q+A: Five Minutes With Davis Caruso

  Soulful Michigan based R&B singer Davis Caruso released his new single ‘REGGAE IN AN ICESTORM’ on the 22nd of September via MICHIGROWN. The experimental American singer-songwriter has built up an extensive catalog of self-written music, and has performed primarily as a busker on the streets of Ann Arbor and

  We recently spoke to multi-instrumentalist after the announcement of his debut single ‘Play It Cool’, released on the 1st of September 2023. Inspired by early Tame Impala sounds, it’s a superbly delectable slice of psychedelic rock. With its distorted, heavily compressed guitar and drums and washed out vocals, it’s a retro feeling

 Image credit: Ali Rasoul – Animal House Reference Music filled with buoyant guitar riffs and charming vocals, rising indie-rock musician Andy  Martin has shared his new single ‘Heat Of It All’. First scouted at a performance by world-acclaimed musician and singer James Morrison, Andy would attend studies at Morrison’s school

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