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Depeche Mode – Ghosts Again

The music video for Depeche Mode’s haunting comeback single Ghosts Again features Dave Gahan playing chess against his older self, trying to outmaneuver the inevitable end that is death. Later, he crawls on hands and knees through the mud of a cemetery as his dying body watches wistfully. Ghosts Again,

The title track from Poppy’s latest EP Stagger is a gently plucked guitar ballad set to a cagey trip-hop beat. Dripping in the moodiness of 90’s goth rock, the accompanying music video sees a Mugler clad Poppy perform a hypnotic and gorgeously choreographed dance sequence with a clawed, latex gloved

In Amber, the upcoming new album from Hercules & Love Affair, seems to be breaking new ground for the iconic dance act led by Andy Butler. Lead single Grace showcased Butler’s voice like never before, while Poisonous Storytelling saw Butler reunite with frequent collaborator and best friend ANOHNI on what

Last year, electronic noise rock band HEALTH released their fifth album DISCO4: PART I, a magnum opus for the Los Angeles outfit that saw them collaborate with high profile acts across the electronic, industrial, and metal scenes, including 100 Gecs and Perturbator. The result was a reinvention of sorts, an

The new generation of goth artists currently emerging are mostly millennial/Gen-Z cusps, raised on a diet of the noxious nu-metal of early 2000’s and My Chemical Romance, supplemented with the drama of Evanescence and HIM. But specific to this generation of alternative, children of the darkness is a sort of

Image: Heartworm Press It’s no secret that Cold Cave, the moniker and ever evolving band of American darkwave and synth pop artist Wesley Eisold, owes a lot to the past. In many ways, the Cold Cave project is a tribute of sorts to the post-punk sound and electro-goth aesthetics of

Image still from video by Chris Coner Few artists can lay claim to a career as iconic as that of Gary Numan’s. The synthpop icon has had the rare sort of longevity that has, albeit at times quietly, spanned decades. The early dystopian electro-pop of his 1979 debut The Pleasure

Image by David Fitt It has become clear across his discography that French darkwave and synth overlord Perturbator is constantly evolving and pushing the boundaries of his sound. While the science fiction inspired retro synthwave aesthetic can quickly outmode itself once the nostalgia wears off, Perturbator has avoided this by

Written by Maya-Rose Torrão “I make music for you to listen to when you’re walking home in the dark.” Jake Lee is the UK mastermind behind the dark wave project that fuses horror culture with electronic music production. Drawing on elements from the witch house genre as well as darkwave

Singer, songwriter, and record producer Zola Jesus has announced a new album of previously unheard tracks and remixes titled Okovi: Additions, due out April 6th, which is an experiential interpretation of her 2017 critically acclaimed Okovi album released on Sacred Bones Records.  The news comes with with the release of ‘Bound‘, the first single from the project

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