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Klay Cartier, Childish Gambino, Cimo Fränkel, Frank Ocean

Q+A: 5 minutes with Klay Cartier

American singer Klay Cartier is difficult to categorise. His music spans from the warm, romantic notes of R&B to the brash, thrashing grit of rock. Delving into new territory, his latest release, ‘Good For Nothin’’, is precisely a combination of these elements. Listening to the way he hum-sings over the

Written by Jenna Dreisenstock ‘To define is to limit.’ Once said by the ever-flamboyant Oscar Wilde in his novel The Picture of Dorian Gray: Wilde’s character Lord Henry wove into the the sweet-blonde curled Dorian, that allowing ourselves to fall victim to the ever defining boxes of society, in which

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