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10 imaginative electronic video game soundtracks

Written by Jenna Dreisenstock The perception of video games is skewered in the eyes of many; a vast majority of those uninvolved in the gaming world may perceive video games solely as mindless, violent games in which the main objective is to destroy everything. However, this misconception is based on

Portland-based experimental artist and musician Michelle Zauner, better known as Japanese Breakfast will be providing an original soundtrack to the upcoming indie video-game ‘Sable‘ due for 2019 release, announced via E3‘s annual gaming conference. Check out the E3 trailer for ‘Sable’ featuring Japanese Breakfast’s first entry to the soundtrack, ‘Glider’ below

Glaswegian trap producer Hudson Mohawke recently dropped his new gaming single from forthcoming album, Watch Dogs 2, ahead of its release tomorrow on Warp Records. The clanging track, “Shaghaied,” emotively soars throughout its four-minute adrenaline fuelled duration, punctuated by thumping beats making for atmospheric listening and the perfect gaming score.

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