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Fyre Festival Controversy Continues; Artists, Models, Talent Agencies & More Facing Lawsuits

When all the information surrounding the infamous Fyre Festival were first revealed; specifically, when the Netflix and Hulu documentaries provided detailed insight into the truth behind the disaster – the internet blew up, and for good reason. As more and more details emerged, the true absurdity of the situation became

Written by Jenna Dreisenstock When talking about Burning Man, the first images that come to mind are certainly not air-conditioned camps, segways and festival goers glued to their phones. Right? Apparently not. As someone located outside of the USA, it comes as quite a shock to me that this is

Written by Jenna Dreisenstock Ah, so here we are talking about the infamous Fyre Festival. I assume this needs no introduction, and any extra explanation on my part is probably oversaturation. However – a quick breakdown for those who have been living in the wilderness for the past couple of

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