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Q+A: 5 minutes with Ed is Dead

Producer Ed is Dead strides forward into the unknown, boldly exploring the landscape that is the rapidly changing music industry, a place now inhabited by AI enthusiasts and critics alike. Having embraced this relatively new technology, however, he has tinkered with a prompt-based search engine WolframAlpha to compose his latest

Dabbling in various pockets of electronica, our interviewee today is the boundary-obliterating producer Himalia, a creative who, telling by his new song, possesses a seemingly natural instinct for composing music that is rich in balance and progression. His new single, ‘No One’, beats to life like a racing heart and

Burgeoning experimental electronic producer Ka Fu has joined forces with Lama’s Dream on ‘Rain Catcher (Ka Fu Remix)’ released on the 14th of February, via Alae Records. n 2019, Ka Fu burst onto the scene with his album Encoding: Master, an eclectic collection of tracks characterised by Ka Fu’s pacy

“I will leave, and my music will remain.” Interview by Arnold van der Walt Russia has been at the forefront recently with regards to deep atmospheric cuts. A plethora of emerging artists are bursting on to the scene, each with their own unique take on the ever-growing deep electronic music

Artyom Nikitin, aka Ennja is a young electronic producer hailing from Russia. Initially inspired to produce music in a similar fashion akin to artists and genre greats such as Burial, Vacant or Phaeleh – Ennja fuses together elements of future-garage, ambient, dubstep and chillout to create something completely original and

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