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Ben Howard – Is It?

That Ben Howard can play musical hopscotch, flitting from one style to the next, while maintaining a melodic and musical identity is testament to the English singer-songwriter’s preternatural talents. His approach to music is intrinsically natural to him, and hitherto unique from everyone else. The finger-plucked guitar popularised by him

Over the past five years, Elderbrook has become a name synonymous with pushing the boundaries of tech house. Approaching dance music with a singer-songwriter sensibility, what Elderbrook actually does is craft a vision of contemporary folk music. Deeply emotive, sometimes pensive, but always beautiful, Elderbrook’s music takes shape as anecdotes

When we sit down to speak with Cubicolor, the conversation is split across three countries. There’s the dashing Tim, from his home in London, and Peter and Ariaan on a houseboat in Amsterdam. “Still floating,” Peter assures us, cigarette in hand as tendrils of smoke escape his lips. It’s a

Written by Jenna Dreisenstock ‘To define is to limit.’ Once said by the ever-flamboyant Oscar Wilde in his novel The Picture of Dorian Gray: Wilde’s character Lord Henry wove into the the sweet-blonde curled Dorian, that allowing ourselves to fall victim to the ever defining boxes of society, in which

Interview by Shannon Lawlor The Octopus Project are an experimental indie-pop band from Austin, Texas. Since 1999, the quartet have released numerous singles, six extended plays including a split album with psychedelic-pop band Black Moth Super Rainbow, four film scores including a 2014 Sundance Film Festival favourite Kumiko, the Treasure

Four Tet has released two new singles post-New Energy, Hebden’s groundbreaking 2017 return New Energy. Titled with some kind of coded language that only Hebden himself could unravel, scattered info and code has been tweeted by Four Tet leading up to the release, which is now available via Spotify. The

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