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Alex Schulz, HOUT & Nora Medin remix AVEC’s ‘Waiting For’

AVEC’s sound is comparable to the magical atmosphere just before the sun sets behind the mountains. It is melancholic but hopeful: the sun will rise again tomorrow. AVEC’s ‘Waiting For’ has been astonishingly remixed by the German DJ and deep-house extraordinaire Alex Schulz. Crafting the track beyond AVEC’s initial vision,

Italian-based 20-year-old soul-rock singer/songwriter Alessandro Bossi, better known as  KIOL (“CEOL”, pronounced KIOL, means “music” in Gaelic dialect) has shared his single ‘Hard Things’ via Join Records. The song was produced at the Grouse Lodge Studio in Ireland by Paolo Nutini’s producer Dani Castelar and musicians Gavin Fitzjohn (brass and piano) and Dave

Milan-based alt-rock trio The Ghibertins release deluxe edition of their debut LP The Less I Know The Better on November 17th via MOB Sound Records. Hailing from Milan, the band consists of Alessio Hofmann (voice & guitar), Alessandro Fogazzi (guitar & bass) and Lorenzo Rivabella (guitar). The Ghibertins formed in 2012

Writing music is how 22-year old vocalist and musician AVEC keeps the wolf from her door – often reflecting on personal life experiences and weaving her life’s narrative. After the release of her 2015 EP Heartbeats, AVEC has bridged the gap between writing heartfelt lyrics and experimenting with textural sounds. For AVEC,

Interview by Shannon Lawlor Mikaela Davis is a 24-year old composer, harpist and vocalist from Rochester, New York. Her music could be best described as classically inspired indie-folk, with definite nods to world music, and the inclusion of using Middle Eastern and Oriental inspired scales. Initially conceived as a solo

Consisting of musicians and friends Hanna Fideli Fritzell (lead vocals, guitar), William Lindberg (bass guitar, vocals), Ida Säfström (vocals, violin, harmonica), Jonathan Vester (lead guitar) & Karl Geisler (drums, percussion), Villa Rivercat are an indie-folk band formed in the deep forests of Dalarna, Sweden during the beginning of 2015. Mainly

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