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PLAYY. Mix #177 – AMKA

Italian producer and DJ AMKA is certainly one to watch going into the new year. Last year, the artist made waves online with his debut livestream set – performed from a monastery in Italy. The set comprised entirely of AMKA’s own music, including the artist’s single Our Night, and served

Hailing from the stark and unyielding deserts of the southwestern United States, DJ and producer Juheun emerges from the dust with mind warping, and forward thinking takes on techno. Developing his sound from dramatic minimal with curious and intriguing basslines, over the past seven years he has been shaping it

  Das SPEZIAL is difficult to define. More so a collective than a project, the brainchild of UK producer Shahab Notghi & Lloyd Miles is breaking down the convention of ‘the artist.’ Their work is grounded in powerful, brooding electronica, but is designed to encompass a range of creative expressions.

  For electronic music trio Diode Eins, the creative process is akin to a spiritual practice, and music becomes the art of connecting people through feelings. Be it in the studio or on the dance floor, it’s all about triggering something in the listener and creating that indescribable energy that

Despite him being touted as an emerging force in the melodic techno scene just a few years ago, Dutch producer Rob Hes’ experience spans much further. Arriving at his current style of energetic yet melodically driven techno has been an evolution three decades in the making, an evolution that Hes

For Florida producer Tommy Leas, AKA PLS&TY, the past is an opportunity to imagine the future. His beginnings in bombastic, ecstatic future bass are rooted in the sounds of classic R&B and hip-hop, grounding his forward thinking sound in a distinct tradition of taste. This approach has seen undeniable success.

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