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Sarah Davachi – Two Sisters

Sarah Davachi sees in electronic music the potential to traverse time. Her music is an amalgamation of what seems like the ancient with the contemporary, formulations of classical sounds and motifs by way of modern instrumentation and methodology. She follows in the lineage of electronic music’s most revered classicists like

Signed under the Sola Musa Music imprint, poetic band KARMACODA has released their latest heavy-hitting record ‘Deja Vu (Krono Remix)’. Reworked by the daring electronic music duo KRONO, the record is a death-defying feat that elevates heartbeats and ruptures speakers. Stream / Download: KARMACODA – ‘Deja Vu (Krono Remix)’ From

Roaming dreamscapes, producer Villows explores the softer side of house music in his newly released single ‘lucid’, a record that is best described as an awakening saturated in reverb. The producer fluffs a pillow and, once we’re all tucked in, warms our eardrums with subtle harmonies blanketed in crisp nuance,

Blending the sweet intangibles of emotive piano music with the brutal resonance of bone-bruising bass tones, producer Nau Leone transplants his heart into his music. Beating to life, one riveting palpitation at a time, his latest single ‘Nº1 Cambio’ is an adrenaline-fuelled thrill that enthralled us from the outset; we

With flair and feeling, melodious artist Russell Louder has written an infectious record titled ‘Come Around’, which they released on the 16th of September. The Lisbon Lux Records signee was born in Canada, where they are currently based and where the tastemaker publication Exclaim! listed their debut album HUMOR as

Jerry Folk is an artist whose musical journey led him to the pool of electronic music, where he sat, on the edge, dipping his toes, feeling the cool undertow of pop pleasantries. Tiring of them, however, he has dropped two trap-focused tracks, neatly packaged as a double single titled ‘sadsongwtf/

Dabbling in various pockets of electronica, our interviewee today is the boundary-obliterating producer Himalia, a creative who, telling by his new song, possesses a seemingly natural instinct for composing music that is rich in balance and progression. His new single, ‘No One’, beats to life like a racing heart and

Like blocks of Lego, Lo-fi producer Birds Of The West has deconstructed KARMACODA’s production and created something of his own invention titled ‘Time’ (Birds Of The West Remix). Staying true to his methodology, he tells us, “It was fun to remix this track for Karmacoda, I like to strip back

Producers eevee and sweeep paint the town red with their new album vandalism and selfcare, a confident composition that leaves the impression that the duo is dedicated to pushing the limits of their craft. Listening to the project, released by Secret Souls, we ventured into a discovery of the pair’s

When Rina Sawayama unleashed her seminal album SAWAYAMA upon the world, it became apparent that we were not just witnessing the birth of a new pop star, but a true creative tour de force. Together with producer Clarence Clarity, Sawayama engineered a sound that, although fuelled by nostalgia and her

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