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Loraine James, Julius Eastman – Building Something Beautiful For Me

The life and work of American composer Julius Eastman is both a tragedy and enigma. A Black gay classical composer active in the late 70’s, Eastman’s work was alarmingly ahead of its time though widely unknown today. Incomprehensible to his contemporaries, there’s a genius to Eastman which is only now

Alexander Crossan’s work in future bass has been pivotal in driving the scene forward (or eradicating it altogether), with his genrefluid approach breeding a significant online following that sees him form part of the new guard of pop and dance music agitators. As Mura Masa, his music transcends categorisation, as

Brian Leeds is someone who is unafraid to push the boundaries of their art, embracing evolution in a way that challenges the notion of artists being tied to genre. It’s the reason he created the Huerco S. moniker for which he is best known. For Leeds, that name would become

If you were to ask us which continent is currently at the forefront of electronic music’s future, we wouldn’t hesitate to say that it’s *Africa. Let’s look at the facts. In the past two years, the sound of South Africa’s amapiano has essentially gone viral and has infiltrated most of

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