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Poppy – Spit

Is this the heaviest that Poppy has ever sounded? Possibly. Will it be the heaviest in her history? Likely not. Following the industrial techno throb of Church Outfit, the new single from internet sensation turned heavy metal popstar Poppy pivots back to scream heavy doomcore territory.   Download and stream

When two creative forces of the likes of Blawan and Pariah collide, it’s best to expect the unexpected. Still, probably no one could have guessed that this particular collaboration between two of the world’s most foremost voices in techno would result in, well, not techno. Particularly since they’ve garnered a

Russia is fascinating place, culturally speaking. Seemingly insular, the music that arrives from this part of the world is often incomparable to anything else that’s happening right now. Sure, there’s the odd Tatu or to some extent even Pussy Riot, but for the most part Russia’s artists have avoided assimilated

Image: Björn Holzweg Nairobi born and Kampala based producer Freddy Njau, aka Slikback, has slowly been infecting club music with his abrasive and entirely future focussed sound over the course of the last few years. His burgeoning influence rides the crest of the wave of interest in the electronic music

Image: Nyege Nyege The music East Africa refers to as ‘techno’ stands in stark contrast to what we understand as techno in the Western canon, taking the form of mind bending abstract sound collages and works of noise art. Like it’s Western counterpart, East Africa’s techno is very much a

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